OAR | Organization for Artificial Reefs: Building a Future for Marine Recreation in the Florida Big Bend

St. Marks Reef, October 23, 2014

The Organization for Artificial Reefs, Inc. is a private, 501(c)(3) nonprofit group of marine enthusiasts and artificial reef advocates based in Tallahassee, Florida.



2016 OAR Annual Meeting and Membership Drive

Thursday 25 February 2016 at 6:00pm
Old Town Cafe, 1415 Timberland Rd, Tallahassee, Florida 32312

OAR Research Divers and Reef Deployments

OAR deployed a major enhancement to the St. Marks Reef on October 23, 2014. To see the location of 18 new sets of reef modules, go here.

OAR is looking for EXPERIENCED DIVERS for the Volunteer Research Dive Team. The class will meet 5 times and there will be 2 days of check off dives, inshore and offshore. This is technical diving. Contact us 850-656-2114 oar@oarreefs.org if you are interested.

OAR Monthly Board Meetings

4th Thursdays at 6 pm
2545 Blairstone Pines Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32301

Big Bend Saltwater Classic

Father's Day weekend