Reef Research and Report Videos

One of the more important missions for OAR is research of artificial reefs and their impact on the marine environment. This entails the investigation of artificial reef designs and materials. Which materials are most effective at providing habitat for fish and other marine species? Which configurations provide the most cover and substrate? Our research seeks to answer these and a host of other related questions.

We monitor our reef permit areas for water quality, bottom conditions, and material movement/degradation due to storms and the passage of time. Methods used include tethered and hand-held underwater video, underwater photos, sonar surveys, and diver surveys using scuba.

Fish populations around reefs deployed by OAR, as well as others in the local area, are monitored on a regular basis.

Pre-deployment surveys as required by the State to assure that a proposed reef site is suitable are performed.

We also have formed important relationships with the Florida Wildlife Commission and Florida Artificial Reef Program personnel with the goal of exchanging information that will benefit the public and the marine environment at large. Using this knowledge, we can make informed choices that provide the most environmental and recreational benefit for each public and private dollar spent.

Come join us in exploring and learning. Come have some fun! Join OAR research dive team.